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10 Days | Tahiti & the Tuamotu Islands | With Windstar Cruises

Papeete - Fakarava - Rangiroa - Motu Mahaea - Bora Bora - Huahine - Moorea

10 Days exploring Tahiti and her islands onboard Windstar Cruises

All Inclusive while onboard your Luxury Cruise!

Swim in crystal clear waters and enjoy a variety of water sports and activities

Visit the ever amazing Bora Bora where you can immerse yourself in its beauty, culture and history

From $9,999 Typically $11,899 Include flight pp twin share

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Discover the Magic of Tahiti and her islands in 2024 and now 2025! Embark on a LUXURY cruise with Windstar.

Embarking on a journey to Tahiti is a venture into a realm of unparalleled natural beauty, where emerald massifs, sparkling lagoons, and the warm embrace of the islanders have enticed sailors since the days of Captain Cook. Nestled in the heart of the South Pacific, Tahiti is a tropical paradise that beckons with its impossibly clear waters, refracting sunlight in a mesmerizing dance of jade, aquamarine, and turquoise hues against the backdrop of pristine white sand.

While the islands themselves are a spectacle of breathtaking allure, there's an entire world waiting to be explored beyond the shoreline. Picture yourself indulging in the luxurious experience of traveling with Windstar Cruises, where every moment is crafted to perfection. Whether you are drifting along coral reefs during a captivating snorkeling expedition or simply lounging on the deck of a yacht, the enchantment of Tahiti unfolds in myriad ways.

As you set sail towards the remote and less-visited Tuamotus, a whole new chapter of this maritime adventure unfolds. These low-lying atolls, seemingly untouched by time, unveil a spectacle of marine life that is nothing short of a revelation. The drama here unfolds beneath the surface, where canyons, passes, and valleys create a fertile wonderland for an astonishing array of marine residents.

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The well-ventilated lagoons of the Tuamotus offer exceptional visibility, allowing you to witness a marine ballet of unprecedented proportions. The blender effect, a natural occurrence in these waters, ensures that the reef residents thrive, creating a harmonious ecosystem. Prepare to be mesmerized as reef sharks, grey sharks, sturgeons, lemon sharks, white tip sharks, perch, barracudas, tunas, manta rays, and dolphins gracefully navigate the underwater terrain. And during certain months, the elusive eagle rays and hammerheads make a stunning appearance, adding an extra layer of excitement to your aquatic escapade.

Fakarava, a jewel in the Tuamotus, holds a special distinction as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, thanks to its unique and delicate ecosystem. Here, every dive and every exploration reveals the delicate balance of nature, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a deeper connection with the oceanic wonders.

For those who prefer to stay dry but still yearn to witness the magic below the surface, Windstar Cruises offers a range of experiences. From glass-bottom boat excursions that provide a window into the aquatic world to AquaSafaris that allow you to observe marine life in their natural habitat, and from snorkeling adventures to SCUBA excursions, every option is designed to let you explore this mesmerizing world, even if you choose to keep your feet dry.

In the lap of luxury aboard a Windstar cruise, the journey to Tahiti becomes not just a vacation but a transcendent experience. It's an exploration of nature's wonders, a celebration of marine life, and a journey into the heart of the South Pacific's most enchanting destinations. So, set sail with Windstar Cruises and let the allure of Tahiti unfold before you in a tapestry of luxury, adventure, and natural beauty that will linger in your memories for a lifetime.


Itinerary Downloadable Itinerary

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Day 1

Australia Papeete, Tahiti

Today you will arrive in the capital of Tahiti, Papeete. If time allows, take the time to explore the city and its surrounds before making your way to the port to board your luxury cruise at 6PM.

Papeete, on Tahiti, is the capital of French Polynesia, a group of islands in the South Pacific. Beside the port, busy Place Vai’ete fills with roulottes, or food carts, in the evenings. Nearby, the large Marché de Papeete market sells local produce, fish and handicrafts. The Robert Wan Pearl Museum focuses on the local pearl industry and sells jewelry. A red spire tops the 19th-century Notre Dame Cathedral.

Meals: Inflight menu and all meals onboard

Accommodation: Star Breeze

Day 2

At Sea

Today is a Full Day at Sea. Take the time to relax or enjoy the facilities onboard.

Meals: All meals onboard

Accommodation: Star Breeze

Day 3


Today at 7AM you will arrive in Fakarava, Havaiki-te-araro, Havai'i or Farea is an atoll in the west of the Tuamotu group in French Polynesia. It is the second largest of the Tuamotu atolls. The nearest land is Toau, a coral atoll which lies 14 kilometres to the northwest. The departure is set for 5PM.

Meals: All meals onboard

Accommodation: Star Breeze

Day 4


This morning you will arrive in Rangiroa or Te Kokōta at 9AM. It is the largest atoll in the Tuamotus and one of the largest in the world. It is in French Polynesia and is part of the Palliser group. The nearest atoll is Tikehau, 12 kilometres to the west. It is about 355 km northeast of Tahiti. Rangiroa is home to about 2,500 people on almost 80 km². The departure is set for 5PM.

Meals: All meals onboard

Accommodation: Star Breeze

Day 5

At Sea

Today is a Full Day at Sea. Take the time to relax or enjoy the facilities onboard.

Meals: All meals onboard

Accommodation: Star Breeze

Day 6

 Motu Mahaea

This morning you will arrive in Motu Mahaea at 8AM. 

Departure is set for 5PM.

Meals: All meals onboard

Accommodation: Star Breeze

Day 7

 Bora Bora

This morning you will arrive at 8AM. The yacht will be in Bora Bora for two days.

Bora Bora is a small South Pacific island northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia. Surrounded by sand-fringed motus (islets) and a turquoise lagoon protected by a coral reef, it’s known for its scuba diving. It's also a popular luxury resort destination where some guest bungalows are perched over the water on stilts. At the island's center rises Mt. Otemanu, a 727m dormant volcano.

Meals: All meals onboard

Accommodation: Star Breeze

Day 8

 Bora Bora

Departure is set for 9PM.

Meals: All meals onboard

Accommodation: Star Breeze

Day 9


This morning you will arrive at 8AM. 

Huahine is an island located among the Society Islands, in French Polynesia, an overseas territory of France in the Pacific Ocean. It is part of the Leeward Islands group. 

Departure is set for 5PM.

Meals: All meals onboard

Accommodation: Star Breeze

Day 10


Today you will arrive at 8AM.

Mo'orea is a South Pacific island, part of French Polynesia's Society Islands archipelago. It's known for its jagged volcanic mountains and sandy beaches. In the north, Mount Rotui overlooks picturesque Ōpūnohu Bay and the settlements around Cook's Bay. Inland, hiking trails wind through rainforest on the slopes of Mount Tohivea. The Belvedere Lookout has panoramic views of the island’s peaks and Tahiti beyond.

Departure is set for 6PM.

Meals: All meals onboard

Accommodation: Star Breeze

Day 11


Today you will arrive into Papeete at 9PM and stay onboard overnight.

Meals: All meals onboard

Accommodation: Star Breeze

Day 12

Papeete Australia

Today you will disembark in the morning. Make your way to the airport for your flight home to Australia. If you would like to extend your stay in Tahiti, please speak to our Customer Service team who will be able to assist.

Meals: Breakfast

Inclusions & Exclusions


  • Return Economy Class flights from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. Please contact us for a quote from other Australian Capital cities
  • 11 Nights on board your Windstar Cruises Yacht
  • Enjoy an all-inclusive voyage with unlimited beer, wine, and cocktails, Wi-Fi and gratuities

About your Windstar Yacht:

This all-suite yacht has completed its transformation from the $250 Million Star Plus Initiative to provide more of what our guests love. New public areas, including a two new dining venues, a new spa, infinity pool, and fitness area. The yacht also boasts all new bathrooms in every suite and a new category of Star suites, featuring a new layout. With ocean-views and over 277 square feet of comfort, Star Breeze is the perfect yacht to watch glaciers and fjords drift by from the serenity of your suite. Carrying only 312 guests, Star Breeze still tucks into small ports in Alaska, Japan, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Southern Pacific and arriving in her new home in Tahiti in early 2024.  We can’t wait to welcome you onboard for your next 180 degree from ordinary adventure!


  • Anything not mentioned in the itinerary 
  • Personal expenses 
  • International Flights
  • Travel insurance

Life Onboard your Yacht: A day on board your Windstar ship is a day of choices, all of them good. Perhaps you’ll begin with a relaxing massage in World Spa by Windstar. Or maybe an invigorating workout in the Fitness Center. Even better, why not both? After a sumptuous lunch in Veranda, make a splash from the Watersports Platform off the ship’s stern. Everything you can think of for fun in the water is there — swimming, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding. And it’s all complimentary, of course. Sun yourself on deck, take a dip in the whirlpool, then catch up on email or order a cheese plate for your stateroom or suite. After dinner, dance to live music in the Lounge. This is your yacht, so of course you’re welcome on the Bridge, where the Captain and officers are delighted to share charts, routes, and vistas with you.

As you prepare for another amazing Windstar day, enjoy a nightcap anywhere you like — on deck, in the Lounge, or why not let us bring it to your suite or stateroom? Your day ends just as it began, blissfully.

Flights: Please note that there is a flight budget incorporated into this itinerary and dependant on your preferred departure date as well as the time between booking and your departure, there may be a surcharge on the program price. If you have a preferred airline, please do not hesitate to ask our friendly Customer Service team to quote based on this.

Group Size: Between 148 to 312 guests on board dependant on your Windstar Yacht.

Activities/Extras: Windstar includes some complimentary activities and use of water equipment. If you would like to book optional excursions, please speak with our Customer Service team who can assist with booking these in for you.

Extending your stay: If you would like to arrive and/or stay on in Tahiti, please speak with our Customer Service team who can personalise your own program.

Travel Insurance: We recommend Covermore travel insurance. To quote and book, please click HERE.

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