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12 Days | South Korea to Japan | With Hiroshima | 2025

Seoul - Jeju - Beppu - Hiroshima - Kyoto - Mount Fuji - Tokyo - and more...

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10 Day Cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line's 'Norwegian Spirit'

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Visit the Manjang Cave in Jeju, the world's longest lava tube

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Embarking on a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) and Traveldream from South Korea to Japan on Norwegian Spirit is a voyage that promises a blend of cultural immersion, luxurious comfort, and captivating scenery

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Norwegian Spirit, renowned for its modern amenities and elegant design, serves as a splendid home base for this remarkable journey across the East Asian seas. From the bustling cityscapes of Seoul to the serene coastal towns of Japan, each moment on this cruise is an invitation to explore and indulge in new experiences.

Norwegian Spirit is celebrated for its sophisticated ambiance and comprehensive range of facilities, making it an ideal vessel for both relaxation and adventure. The ship offers a variety of dining options, from the classic main dining rooms with their diverse menus to specialty restaurants that cater to more specific culinary cravings. Passengers can savor everything from Italian and French cuisine to Asian delicacies, ensuring that every meal is a delightful event. Additionally, the ship’s numerous bars and lounges provide perfect spots to unwind with a drink, whether you prefer a lively atmosphere or a quiet corner with a view of the sea.

Onboard entertainment is another highlight of Norwegian Spirit. The ship features a state-of-the-art theater that hosts Award Winning shows, musical performances, and comedy acts, ensuring that evenings are filled with excitement and laughter. For those seeking a more active pursuit, the ship offers a well-equipped fitness center, sports courts, and even a jogging track. Guests can also relax at the main pool deck or take a dip in a hot tub, as well as enjoy the luxurious spa offering a range of treatments designed to rejuvenate both mind and body.

As the cruise sets sail from Seoul, passengers are treated to stunning views of South Korea’s vibrant capital. The itinerary includes a diverse array of ports of call, each offering unique attractions and experiences. The first stop, Jeju Island, is famous for its volcanic landscapes and lush greenery. Here, passengers can explore natural wonders such as the Manjanggul Lava Tube or enjoy a leisurely day at one of the island’s beautiful beaches. The island’s rich cultural heritage is also on display at sites like the Jeju Folk Village Museum.

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Continuing to Japan, Norwegian Spirit docks at ports such as Kochi and Kobe. Kochi, known for its historic castles and traditional markets, offers a glimpse into Japan’s feudal past. Visitors can explore Kochi Castle, one of Japan’s most well-preserved castles, and stroll through the bustling Hirome Market, sampling local delicacies and purchasing unique souvenirs. In Kobe, passengers can experience the city’s blend of old and new, from the historic Kitano district with its European-style houses to the modern Harborland, a vibrant shopping and entertainment area.

Nagoya and Tokyo provide contrasting urban experiences towards the end of the journey. Nagoya, with its impressive architecture and technological advancements, is home to attractions like the Nagoya Castle and the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology. Tokyo, the final destination, epitomizes the dynamic and fast-paced nature of modern Japan. Passengers can immerse themselves in the city’s diverse districts, from the historic Asakusa with its ancient temples to the ultra-modern Shibuya and Shinjuku areas, known for their skyscrapers and nightlife.

Throughout the cruise, Norwegian Spirit ensures that every aspect of the journey is enjoyable. The ship’s friendly and attentive crew provide exceptional service, attending to passengers' needs with professionalism and a smile. Daily activities and events are organized to keep everyone engaged, from cooking demonstrations and wine tastings to dance classes and trivia games. There’s always something happening on board, ensuring that there’s never a dull moment.

For those who enjoy shopping, Norwegian Spirit offers a variety of onboard boutiques featuring everything from luxury goods to everyday essentials. Passengers can indulge in retail therapy without leaving the ship, finding gifts and souvenirs that will remind them of their extraordinary journey. Additionally, the ship’s art gallery and auctions provide opportunities to acquire unique pieces of art, adding a touch of culture to the onboard experience.

In summary, a cruise with NCL and Traveldream on Norwegian Spirit from South Korea to Japan is more than just a voyage; it’s an exploration of rich cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and unforgettable moments. The combination of the ship’s luxurious amenities, diverse entertainment options, and exceptional service ensures that every day is filled with enjoyment and discovery. From the vibrant streets of Seoul to the iconic landmarks of Tokyo, this cruise offers a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking a unique and enriching experience.


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Day 1

Australia  Seoul (Incheon), South Korea

Today you will check in and board your flight bound for South Korea! Enjoy the services of your flight as you travel North.

On arrival, complete your arrival requirements, collect your bags and make your way to your accommodation and check in. The rest of the day is yours at leisure.

Please note, depending on the airline, you may be required to leave the day prior (Day 0)

Meals: Inflight Menu

Accommodation: TBA on Booking Confirmation

Day 2

 Seoul (Incheon), South Korea

Travel to Seoul and discover its 5,000-year-old heritage amidst the ultra-modern high-rises. Visit the magnificent 14th century Gyeongbok Palace and stone pagoda, the National Museum and the bustling antique district. Or spend a day in the serene atmosphere of a Zen Buddhist temple and a historic Korean village.

Tour the DMZ and rediscover the drama of recent history. Or simply wander the fish market and promenade at Incheon.

When its time, make your way to the Cruise port for embarkation.

The ship will depart at 4PM.

Meals: All Meals Onboard

Accommodation: Norwegian Spirit

Day 3

Jeju, South Korea

The ship will arrive at 9AM.

The dormant volcano Hallasan formed many of the natural attractions found on Jeju. As South Korea's tallest mountain, Hallasan offers an abundance of hiking opportunities and is an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve showcasing a crater lake and an abundance of plants and wildlife. The Manjang Cave, formed by cooling lava, is the world's longest lava tube and is partially open for tours. Head from the mountain to the magnificent beaches and watch famed haenyo (powerful sea-women) dive for octopus, abalone, clams and more without the aid of a breathing apparatus. Don't miss the opportunity to sample fresh seafood dishes at a local restaurant.

The ship will depart at 5PM.

Meals: All Meals Onboard

Accommodation: Norwegian Spirit

Day 4

 Sasebo, Japan

The ship will arrive at 7AM.

What used to be an old fishing village, Sasebo has been a major naval port since the late 19th century - first with Imperial Japanese Navy and today as a base for the U.S. Navy. Don't miss a boat tour of the emerald-green 208 Kujuku Islands nearby, a beautiful sight set against the deep-blue waters of the bay. On shore, explore Sasebo's Zoological and Tropical Botanical Garden, featuring 80 animal and 1,200 plant species, all with spectacular views of the Kujuku Islands. And if you want to go Dutch, head to Huis Ten Bosch, a recreated 17th-century Dutch village complete with colourful tulip fields. For something more authentically Japanese, head to the Yorozu-cho district to visit a market teeming with fresh produce and seafood as well as handmade clothing and pottery.

The ship will depart at 5PM.

Meals: All Meals Onboard

Accommodation: Norwegian Spirit

Day 5

 Kanmon Strait (cruising)

A visit to Kanmon Straits is an opportunity to experience one of the Japan's most incredible waterways. This expansive channel connects two of Japan's four main islands, Honshu and Kyushu. The best views of the surrounding scenery are from above. Hop on a helicopter ride or visit Mt. Hinoyama in Shimonoseki on the north side of the strait. On the south side, you can visit Kokura Castle in Kitakyushu. Make your way to either side using an underground pedestrian walkway or crossing Kanmon Bridge, one of the 50 largest suspension bridges in the world.

 Beppu, Japan

The ship will arrive at 930AM.

As you approach the coastal town of Beppu, it might appear as if the town were smoldering. In reality, it's steam escaping from its many hot springs, Beppu's claim to fame-along with hot spring experiences, from mud baths to sand baths. Their most famous, Hell circuit (Jigoku), are only for admiring, not bathing. Beppu Park, in the city's centre, offers green space and a vibrant Japanese garden. In spring, cherry blossoms attract thousands of visitors; in fall, autumn leaves do the same. Tomonaga Panya, a local bakery since 1916, has an English menu and a signature delicacy, wanchan (doggie) bun. Guests love its custard filling and raisin face.

The ship will depart at 5PM.

Meals: All Meals Onboard

Accommodation: Norwegian Spirit

Day 6

 Hiroshima, Japan

The ship will arrive at 7AM.

History is never far from mind in Hiroshima, thus the city has created one of the most important and breathtaking memorials in the world, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum. Statues, halls, and monuments at this World Heritage Site honor those who fell in World War II. As one of Japan's largest islands, Hiroshima also offers rich natural beauty and a myriad of outdoor activities like biking, hiking and beaching. The local cuisine is plentiful, especially the signature "Okonomiyaki," a crepe filled with meat, seafood, cabbage, and vegetables. Oysters (usually grilled) serve as an additional fresh and delicious culinary draw.

The ship will depart at 5PM.

Meals: All Meals Onboard

Accommodation: Norwegian Spirit

Day 7

 Kochi, Japan

The ship will arrive at 7AM.

Engage with locals and indulge in local flavours in this welcoming city, known for its famed dish Katsuo no tataki (a type of tuna Tataki). The city centre was initially settled in 1601 as a town surrounding Kochi Castle, which is now one of the region's principal attractions. Delve into times gone by as you stroll along the famed, red Harimaya-bashi - the basis for an old local folklore song. Discover the lovely Katsurahama beach area, where the Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial overlooks the sea and honors this legendary Japanese peace negotiator.

The ship will depart at 4PM.

Meals: All Meals Onboard

Accommodation: Norwegian Spirit

Day 8

 Kyoto (Kobe), Japan

The ship will arrive at 8AM.

The compact city of Kōbe is ideally situated between the mountains and the sea. It only takes a short time in this walker's paradise to see why Kōbe is considered one of Japan's most beautiful cities. Where else can you find natural waterfalls (Nunobiki Falls) in an urban setting that have inspired artists for centuries? Historic sites and museums intertwine with immaculate parks and vibrant culinary, arts and jazz music scenes. Come savour a day in this unique cosmopolitan city with Norwegian.

The ship will depart at 7PM.

Meals: All Meals Onboard

Accommodation: Norwegian Spirit

Day 9

 Nagoya, Japan

The ship will arrive at 1030AM.

Japan's fourth largest city by population, Nagoya, is a centre of modern commerce, with Toyota, Noritake china and a Legoland theme park calling this capital home. Tour the Toyota Exhibit Hall, experience Noritake Gardens and sit amongst the stars in the planetarium at the Science Museum. Nagoya Castle, deemed a National Treasure, is a must-see, as is exploring their entertainment district, Sakae. This busy hub is where you'll find Nagoya TV Tower, the city's symbol, and Oasis 21, a multi-level public park with a futuristic water theme.

The ship will depart at 630PM.

Meals: All Meals Onboard

Accommodation: Norwegian Spirit

Day 10

 Mount Fuji (Shimizu), Japan

The ship will arrive at 7AM.

In the shadow of Mount Fuji, Shimizu is one of the most beautiful ports in Japan. Walk through the pine groves of Miho, home to a 650-year-old Japanese black pine, or enjoy spectacular views of Mount Fuji from the lush, forested hill of Nihondaira. Take in the seascapes on a bay cruise, or learn of undersea delights at Japan's first sushi museum, and get a glimpse at feudal life in Japan in 200 BC at the archaeological site of Toro. Shop for traditional Japanese wooden handcrafts and fabrics unique to the region, and sample some yokan, a sweet jellied confection.

The ship will depart at 4PM.

Meals: All Meals Onboard

Accommodation: Norwegian Spirit

Day 11

 Tokyo, Japan 

The ship will arrive at 8AM.

Once a sleepy fishing village, Tokyo is now one of Japan's largest ports. Ancient traditions and historic sites blend into modern culture, crafting a city unlike anywhere else. Walk among both neon-glowing skyscrapers and regal temples. Browse stores showcasing the latest advances in technology or retreat to one of the tranquil gardens surrounding the Imperial Palace. Savour traditional cuisine at a Michelin-starred restaurant and witness the centuries-old sport of sumo wrestling. This cosmopolitan hub offers a vast selection of attractions and activities and a wealth of culturally and historic sites. Whether this is your first or fifth visit to the city, Tokyo will captivate your imagination.

Meals: All Meals Onboard

Accommodation: Norwegian Spirit

Day 12

Tokyo, Japan 

Today its time to disembark and make your way to your accommodation. Check in and enjoy the rest of the day at leisure!

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodation: TBA on Booking Confirmation

Day 13

Tokyo, Japan  Australia

Today its time to check out and make your way to the airport for your return flight home or your onward journey. We trust you have had an amazing time travelling with NCL and Traveldream through South Korea and Japan!

Meals: Inflight Menu

Inclusions & Exclusions


  • Return International Economy Class Airfares from Melbourne , Sydney or Brisbane to Seoul anbd returning from Tokyo
  • 1 Night Pre Accommodation in Seoul, Twin Share
  • 10 Day Cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line's 'Norwegian Spirit' in an Ocean View Stateroom (Upgrades/Downgrades Available*)
  • NCL Premium Beverage Package
  • Complimentary WiFi (150 minutes per person)
  • 1 x Speciality Dining Credit
  • USD$50 Shore Excursion Credit per shore visit/per stateroom
  • Free Onboard Credit to use toward spa days, shopping sprees, casino thrills and more at sea**
  • Gratuities
  • 1 Night Post Accommodation in Tokyo, Twin Share

*If you downgrade to an Inside Stateroom, please note that not all the above inclusions apply.

**Please note OBC will apply if minimum numbers are met for this departure. We will advise you on your documentation if this Added Bonus will apply.


  • Due to security reasons, all guests must be on board 2 hours before sailing on Day 1 of the cruise
  • Disembarkation usually begins 2 hours after docking on final day of cruise

About Norwegian Spirit: Set sail on Norwegian Spirit, modernized from bow-to-stern with the adult cruiser in mind. Starlink provides fast Internet service at sea and is now available on Norwegian Spirit. Using advanced low earth orbit satellites, SpaceX's Starlink delivers industry leading broadband internet connectivity, which will improve the capacity, speed, and reliability of Internet on board. Experience all that the world has to offer during the day and stretch out in style at night. Every single stateroom has been renovated with the world traveller in mind. Enjoy contemporary design inspired by our newest, most sophisticated ships. Live it up as you wind down.


  • Flights
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Travel Insurance (highly recommended)
  • Visas (if required)
  • Entry fees or activities not listed
  • Transfers to and from airport, hotel and cruise port

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